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Just posting this for my own reference and lulz.


Oct. 4th, 2011

I've never been a huge fan of Will Young, though I do remember when he won Pop Idol - good for him!  I've never disliked him either though, and some of his stuff has been impressive.  This though, this is a new level I think.  Really got chills when I watched the video.  It's also nice to see the storyline pointing towards Will's real life sexuality, whilst tying in with the film "Trapeze". 


I found these in our local charity shop, and picked them up 3 for £1.99 partly cause they're pretty, pretty cool and wondering if they're worth a pretty penny lol!  (I'm thiking probs not but I know NOTHING about stamps sooo...wondering if anyone can shed some light on them for me please?)

These are all First Date of Issue: 

1.  First day Buckingham Palace was open to the public: (1993)

2. Wedding of Andrew and Fergie (1986)


3. Queen's Silver Jubilee (1977)  (this one's my fave because of the metallic stamp in the bottom right <3 )




Writer's Block: From beyond

If you died and became a ghost and could only haunt one place, which place would you choose, and why?


Why? Oh c'mon, it's Hogwarts!! :D

Wow. The boys are growing up!

Jedward did a shoot for Gay Times.   Somehow, having their hair less gravity defying makes them automatically sexier looking.  Funny that! ;D

(I think I need to subscribe to Gay Times.  A magazine that headlines Doctor Who, Gaga, Jedward AND Eurovision in just ONE issue.  YESPLEASETHANKYOU!)

Next, the boys go slightly vampire looking.......something about the way the jacket falls over the shirt, making it look a little like a jabot.

The boys just saw themselves in a mirror, and take a moment to mourn their trademark Jedward 'do.

Very dapper John!  Er...Edward.  No, wait...John....ermm.........Edw.......

Lights.  Camera.  BROOD!

Aaand finally...just for kicks, from a different photoshoot by Lili Forberg.  The trademark 'do is back.   As is a metric-ton of gothic makeup and pouting.   O, be still my beating heart... <3

Writer's Block: See you on the dark side

If you won a free trip to the moon, would you go? Why or why not?

Of course I would.  Especially the dark side.....they have cookies, don'tcha know?!  (and Prince Demand...) ;D

Writer's Block: The long and winding road

Are there any difficult events in your past that made you a stronger person today? If you could go back and erase them, would you?

Being bullied and harassed relentlessly at school between the ages of 11 and 14 by one psychotic (no, seriously) girl, and having her convince all my then-friends to "join in the fun" too?    Yeah I definitely think it made me stronger.  Having 12" of one's own hair cut off in class, being forced to eat raw chilli seeds, called named, kicked, pushed, religion insulted and ridiculed, belongings stolen and destroyed and harassing and disturbing phonecalls to one's own home? 

Yep.  I actually wouldn't erase them.  I look back now without bitterness, but with the knowledge that I came through the other side of it, remarkably pretty much unscathed.  I stil have a few mental issues from it, but nothing I can't handle.   More self esteem and crap born of those years which unfortunately continued once the girl had left the school. 

Thankfully, the 14-18 years weren't so bad - that was the general popular crowd looking down on the geeks stereotype, pointing and laughing.  Whilst I'm not saying that was EASY, compared to what I dealt with previously, it was so much easier to brush off.   Even more so these days when I realise how little those people have amounted too.  Ahhh sweet, sweet justice.